Geoff and I are excited about some changes we are making in our lives. So of course this includes Woodland Treasures. We are still in business and looking at ways to reduce the carbon footprint.This year Geoff is also completing his first stage of a Creative Writing degree. This has the potential to last 4 years. As he is very much enjoying it I am sure he will keep going. He says that after 38 gap years he is ready to commit to the work!

I (Fuggo) will be selling at more local markets and there are quite a few to choose from now. Last year I tested out Fortrose and Tain Community markets. There is also a great group in Inverness, working under the name Earth Kind markets. This year will see me at Fortrose again, in the Academy and the first event of the year will be Earth Kind on March 1st. These are held in the Old High Church Hall on Academy Street and are free to enter. The loss of our van over a year ago was a blessing in some ways. While we try to make everything last as long as possible, sometimes the change can be positive. Now we can attend all the events this year by car or public transport. I can keep everything I need in one trunk that I can put on a trolley if I need to take it far.

Further afield will be a week spent at the glorious West End Fair in Edinburgh. We don’t have the dates yet as we are allocated one week out of the three. This is also a chance to stay with friends and sample some fringe events. The furthest we plan to go is to Whitby in October. Musicport is an indoor world music and arts festival. Highly recommended.

Peatbog Faeries at Musicport

Sadly Weird and Wonderful Wood is not on this year. It happens in May in Suffolk, but we had decided we could not go. I don’t think that was why they are having a break! Then we will miss the wonderful Green Gathering in Chepstow, Wales in August. That is a great loss for us both for sales and the inspiration we get from such a forward thinking and creative network. For now we are still germinating ideas, seeds and just about coming out of the winter hibernation with the impetus of Imbolc behind us.