For the last five years we have been travelling to events in England twice a year, where we sell Geoff’s hand carved wooden jewellery. It has been wonderful to carry our historic tent, all our stock and still be able to sleep and cook in our vehicle, plus being able to shelter, play scrabble or bananagrams, or have a snooze at a busy festival.

Now the van has been exchanged for a large load of whiskey barrel oak and our Autumn and Winter season can be managed in our car.

Woodland Treasures selling their hand carved wooden jewellery.

Woodland Treasures selling Geoff’s hand carved wooden jewellery.

 Festivals and Wood Fairs…

The wonderful Tweed Valley Forest Festival runs for a week in October and we enjoy selling and socialising at the indoor Wood Fair on 20th and 21st October. This means a trip to Peebles and we can stay with friends nearby.

Then at the end of November (Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th), nearer home in Cromarty on the Back Isle, there is a great fair hosted by the Arts Trust and held in The Old Brewery. Another family of friends will look after us here, saving on tiring travelling and making the whole weekend more fun.

Woodland Treasures HQ!

Woodland Treasures HQ.

The Green Gathering, Chepstow

Next year is a mystery, well isn’t it always? As far as shows go, it is an unknown quantity.

We will book into the Green Gathering in Chepstow at the beginning of August as this is our favourite event of the year. Not sure quite how we will get there and we will have to await a change of circumstances before we can buy another van.

We are looking forward to a creative way to travel and meet our customers, venturing out from the Arboll Vortex. This is what we call our northern sanctuary. Meanwhile happy August to any of you who stumble upon this blog. I plan to update more frequently and reach more people, thereby reducing the amount we need to travel in the future.