Dear Contributors,

Firstly another big thank you to all of you. We are at present unable to stick to the schedule we first hoped for as our framer was unavoidably delayed on other jobs. Weather and temperatures in the north of Scotland mean we will have to be patient.

Be assured ALL the money we have will only be spent on the workshop, but physical work will continue next spring with our eagerly awaiting volunteers.

We have also thought of a way to make our materials go further and therefore stretch out the pennies to enable us to be nearer completion of the work. This will mean the money goes on materials rather than labour. Geoff will be changing the construction method to enable the bigger timbers we already have to be cut in half and therefore make an easier frame build. This will also enable us to continue at our own pace.

Geoff’s own work load producing more art will decrease after December and his health requires some hibernation (and writing) time. So we will be reporting back next year with more interesting news.

Creatively moving forwards.

Fuggo and Geoff King